Friday, July 26, 2013

130726 Everland

and so i finally went to everland - for the rides. i've been going to everland for cosplay stuff, fireworks, etc, but i've never actually ridden the attractions there so i was quite looking forward to it. hehe. 00 told me that we needed to be there by 10am so that we can have enough time to ride everything, but in the end we only managed to set off at 10am and reached around 11+...

and the first thing we went for is the T-express - 3 times!

i like roller coasters, but i get sick of things easily when i take it too many times at the same time. =_= even though it's pretty fun, i wanna move on to other things too... and unfortunately during the 3rd time we rode it the tickets in 00's pockets flew off!!!! so we had to climb the hill and get new tickets from customer service again. thankfully we didn't have to pay extra if not it would have been such a downer...

here's a parade happening in the middle of the day. parades are just better at night~

this ride has the entire room turning and turning.

and we finally moved on to the animal attractions. everland is like a zoo and a theme park in one, there's so many animals!

queued for the bus to look at the tigers and bears.

this tiger has such an awesome sleeping position.

and there's the huge bears!!

when they stood up it was just woooooah. the bears get excited at the buses since the driver keeps throwing out food. one of them was even in the begging position. it was so cute.

there were animals on our bus too.

and we went on to look at even more animals after the bus tour.

not sure why they just kept climbing over each other...

and the baby cubs and baby chicks!

and my little baby! erhuhurhur. i just like this picture a lot. haha.

was supposed to go for the haunted house at night, but the tickets were fast selling out so we went around 5+ instead. you needed to pay an extra 5k won for this. reminded me of fujiQ's haunted hospital - and guess what, it was actually built by the same person... thankfully we didn't go at night later on - it was so SUPER scary! went in groups of 6, and i was pushed to the front by the group of guys. HEY. managed to switch to the middle later on.

it was rather scary but i tried to tell myself that everything wasn't real and they were all humans, but the 'ghosts' kept chasing and touching us! during the last way out when the doors flipped open one by one to reveal several ghosts, the guys practically dashed out all the way while i laughed at them from behind. 00 almost left one of his shoe in the house. it was hilarious!!!

there was an animal performance around 5+ (or 530? can't remember).

the animals were really well trained! they had the audience imitate tarzan's howl to get the parrot to fly over. it was pretty funny.

then we went for the loop roller coaster and had to practically drag ark to ride it cos he didn't want to ride in anything with loops due to one of the final destinations movie. tsk!

our last ride was this thing that sun round and round in the sky horizontally and vertically before we left everland around 9pm. didn't even get to see the fireworks because someone wanted to rush home to charge his battery so he could continue his devil maker.

we went to eat dalkgalbi. i didn't take any photos that day as i ate here before so these photos were from the previous meal. we actually have one of the best dalkgalbi i've eaten!

last time when we ate it we ordered noodles (they threw in 3 different kind of noodles too) to go along with it, and there was the knife-cut noodles as well. but this time we only ordered the chicken since someone was in a rush. but at least we had the rice at the end that was fried with the left overs.

and i was so mad at him for that over dinner. then i realised i shouldn't get mad since it was the last few days.. anyway. sighs.

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