Saturday, July 20, 2013

130720-21 Comic World #117

21st was supposed to be my Topik but i decided to forfeit it to perform with the team. after much consideration... i mean how often do you get to perform with the team at Comic World? and i think 00 spent quite some effort in order to make this happen for me and the team too. and i figured i could always take the test in Singapore when i'm back.

and i'm glad i made that decision in the end!! (not that i even studied for the test up until the day before anyway...)

we went on both days, and on Saturday i probably only worn my costume for an hour before i took everything off. so didn't get a lot of pictures taken. the team were rehearsing in the open, but there were random bouts of drizzle happening so it was really irritating.

this is like the only photo i managed to find that day.

and yes i'm saber again! *surprise surprise*

on sunday, we woke up early (actually we woke up early for both days), like 7-8+ am and set off for our competition day ahead. we could still managed to cram a bit of rehearsal before we went on stage. but before that it seems that fate zero was also the mascot for this event so we went on stage, took some photos and presented prizes to the crowd. one of the audience even gave me some sausage sticks, so cute. korean audience is unexpectedly responsive and encouraging!

so here's our performance!

the other teams ALL did dancing. wow. i guess that contributes to our winning factor. but there's 2 teams i'd like to mention that's watch worthy. this dance is REALLY awesome. almost like a korean boy band. i kept watching it over and over again and i don't get sick of it. it's like the best dance i've seen on cosplay stage that's really damn well coordinated.

and this one is like a korean girl band. they literally performed SNSD song anyway and their clothes change was pretty awesome.

you can check out the other performance videos here. i've pretty much koped all my vids from here anyway.

and we came in first!!!

we went on stage to receive the prize. the funniest thing was everyone thought skasha was a girl so when he spoke, the crowd went wild!!!


and here's our team's winning photo!!

and our beloved trophy.

and my beloved. muwahahw. i still think this is the best prize for me. i like this photo a lot *__*

we then went for dinner at a chinese restaurant. and it wasn't too bad!

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