Tuesday, July 16, 2013

130716 Luxury Noraebang

00 bought ingredients to make the toast with a hole in the middle as posted in csl cafe, but he overslept so i tried it out by myself. hoho.

you basically cut out a hole in the bread then while toasting it in the pan, add all sorts of ingredients to the middle, and cover it up with another slice of bread. so i had tomatoes, crab stick, bulgogi meat cheese and egg in the middle.

since there's egg, the bottom half sort of sealed up. it was pretty delicious!

then in the noon, we went out to yongin market to have pizza. there was a new creation by mr pizza called eggta, where their crust is made up of egg tart. see their cf here!

whoooaaa.. even as i'm writing this post, i'm missing it now!!! a pity i had toast in the morning so i wasn't able to eat more than a slice. very filling... there was 4 of us eating 1 large pizza and those chickents - ta-sem, 00, ark and me.

and then it was coffee time afterwards. god, i just keep on eating...there's a new schneekuken cafe in town so we visited it. schneekukens are these round hard thingy which needs to be smashed into pieces before eating cos it's just too hard.

i had green tea latte and we ate one of those schneekukens smashed with a hammer (literally). they were all impressed with the little jugs which our drinks were served in. lol. so cute. but it does make your drinking experience more fun!

we then went back to yong-in to rest, before we came out like 4-5hours later for dinner, and fun!

the whole bunch of us were out but as i didn't wanna eat bude-jjige (army broth), we went over to this newly found yukgaejang (raw beef) shop instead.

the interiors are pretty nice! but it's actually considered an alcohol shop, so people come here for drinks and not dinner. these pictures were all taken during the first visit, where we ate the raw beef slices with ta-sem. it's really yummy!!! but expensive... i think this pile of beef is above 20k.

they gave a cute little egg sidedish in a hot pan. which is non-refillable but we managed to get one more anyway. hur.

during our second visit though we just ordered 2 beef bibimbaps and 2 fried rice, which is 6k won each.
and they all tasted so heavenly! (albeit oily) don't know how fried rice can taste so nice... and even with all those vege in the bibimbap, it was still awesome. tastes pretty healthy actually!

met up with the rest again and we decided to go for karaoke!! there's this place called the Luxury Noraebang in town, and i think none of them has been there before. it's crazy pretty!

we all had the same feeling when we entered because their hosts were all dressed like butlers. and to the left there were some victorian sofa, didn't take it as 2 butlers were lying down there. hurhur. it was really like ouran host club. lol. and see the fancy flowered pathway to our room!

our room was considered middle sized, and it was only 20k for 2 hours, for so many of us~~~ WAAAAHHHH....

at the back of the room, there's another tv, a mini stage... and a pole!

jaebong got all excited on the pole. lol.

so now's some video clips of our members singing. ehhehe. waky was singing all his crazy female voiced anime songs as usual so i didn't record him. here's bongbong with his soulful one.

myeongsong looked like he was almost dying when he pulled out all the high notes.

ark was pretty talented at rapping!

and my dear's sad tunes are heart wrenching. didn't know he could sing so many sad songs!!! T___T

there was a 30mins service given so we were able to sing for 2.5hours.

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