Wednesday, July 10, 2013

130709-10 Date in Seoul

ok, the team has a bad habit of doing everything last minute, but i don't. so when i heard the busan event was the coming weekend, i woke up everyday and work till late for my karma costume. but i figured out it was more worth it to go on a date then to keep staying home while i'm in korea, and i was still confident of finishing my stuff.

so my dear suggested that we go on a full day trip to seoul and stay over there at a themed hotel, and of cos i had to go along with it *_* tee hee~

we went to gwanghwamun since i wanted to try the famous samgaetang in the area. when we reached, it seems that there was some martial arts performance going on. they had the audience break the wooden planks... wooo..

then they did some kicking tricks... and there was no mistakes at all!

and the performance wrapped up with a photo taking session with the audience (of which was not that greatly received... whoops).

we then went just below king sejong's statue... there's actually a huge museum on hangeul and on korea's (or even the world's) greatest navy tactician, lee soon shin.

acks, couldn't get king sejong in my self-cam.

and so down we went into the basement into the world of hangeul~~

it was actually far better than i had expected... there's so many lcd panels displaying a myriad of things and the whole set up is really hi-tech and modern, i was shocked!

and then there's also the museum of the genius navy tactician, lee soon shin, who actually appeared in a drama i was then watching called the Gu Family Book 구가의 서.

and we examined what's inside the ship. oooh the contemplating shadow of 00 makes this scene looks like it's from a movie *_*

there's even a panel for you to take photos, add a message then add them to the pile that's already there. and then send the photo to your email.

we also went for a round of shipping battle game where you could shoot enemy ships or fire bombs at them. hoho

and here they showed video clips of how lee soon shin managed to overcome the formidable japanese army with his knowledge of the weather and the lands.

his surround ships tactic

after that we somehow went back to the hangeul place since there was sometime before the 4D movie starts and chanced upon the hangeul library.

and chairs made out of hangeul

on the far side of the hangeul place, there's also an astronomical circle and other displays

some models of the ancient instruments

and then it's back to our 4D theatre. it was a pretty good show, there's wind and water from the back of the seat as well. whooaaaa. this museum really rocks.

although i think 00's toothy grin is the funniest. i've never seen him make these kind of faces in photos. i had a good laugh >.<

and to end off the trip, i absolutely had to take a picture on the seat where king sejong sat. hurhur.

after the museum, we went to find our samgaetang! it was near exit 2 at gyeongbokgong station.

never expected it to have such a fine decor inside and outside... a really touristy place indeed!

their menu doubles up as a bill... neat!

we ordered samgaetang and ojgaetang (4th item from the left top), just to try a variety.

ojgaetang soup (bottom pic) tasted like it had brand's essence, and i totally loved it. the little cup of ginseng liquor, as they said, was supposed to be poured in the soup but i totally drank it raw. yeowwwch. and samgaetang as the rumor has it, is really delicious. the soup just tastes different from other samgaetangs i've had (not that i've had many). and i like the glutinous rice that's within the chicken. jjang!

after that we went over to times square, at yeongdeungpo, where i shopped like crazy, while 00 devil maker all he way =.= it was boring to look at things alone, but at least he waited very patiently. *muacks*

at night, we went over to our themed hotel. it's about 60k-120k a night, depending on the size of rooms you want, which is actually pretty cheap considering it doesn't matter how many people stayed in. 

oh, and i walked in the lobbies of I and F and it was different so i supposed each building had its own theme. but i was sure that every room is different. check out their site here.

we had the 80k room and it was huuuuge.

the only complaint i have is they probably didn't do a very good job at cleaning because i spotted hair stuck on the comb that's supposedly disposable... and the aircon looked like it was in the middle of being fixed since the cover was opened =_= otherwise, we had a pretty good sleep ^_^

and the next day, we checked out at 12 and had breakfast (well, that's what i'd call all the first meals i have...!) at tomstoms cafe, where they served corn pretzels and cheese toast.

it was all delicious, except it may be too much carbo for 2 person, especially since 00 didn't much like bread that much so i had to finish all the pretzels and 1/3 of the toast x.x at least there's ice red bean!

it was so-so actually. bleahs. continued shopping some more before we went back yongin for the day... oh by the way i wanted to get a light brown color for eyebrows and i think this is the best i've seen. if anyone goes to japan, help!!! it's so expensive in korea and singapore!

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