Sunday, July 07, 2013

130707 WCS Korea

so the kong brothers decided to participate in wcs, but it was also a decision in return for a plea, since it seemed that there weren't that many teams taking part. but when we arrived, it seems that there's at least 6 teams!

there's also a team called Bloody Stage, with impressive stage props.

here's all the participating teams: Bloody Stage sent out .Hack, Amaterasu sent out Blazblue and Saint Seiya, i think the 2 girls from Full Cure (or something) is from Bloody Stage as well, but i'm not sure. Then there's the Macross team from Busan, and lastly our LOL team from CSL.

i wanted to record everything as the girls performance was pretty interesting but i think those may be found on youtube, so i recorded the 2 teams i felt would give the best performance. one of them is the .Hack team. the start was a bit lengthy so i sort of cut it out. the performance wasn't bad, it's just that it's almost an imitation of past CSL works, especially the kick and fall at the back.

CSL has the best performance!! i'm not being biased, but from the start to the back, it was impactful and kept your attention on. there was also new tricks used, so it was refreshing. and our costumes were the best, no doubt!!

and the contestants get ready for the final result...

due to a multitude of reasons, 00 had previously told me that there was a very slim chance of winning, but after looking at their performance felt that the judges decision had been the most unfair. Saint Seiya was the winner. although they made no mistakes in their performance, it was just a normal fighting skit with no climax and wows, so i couldn't really figure out why they won. of cos, it might have been because of the new wcs rules, that if you have too much prop/weight/complicated armours and stuff your chances of winning is lower. still, it was a waste...

perhaps in our next wcs, we need to put on something lighter and lighter... and have no stage props at all + 0 mistakes in our performance. oh well!

in a way, it was also fortunate that we didn't get the title because it would mean rushing out another costume in less than a month + performance + practice... and we wouldn't have time to do that with our current load, and Comic World to come. so i guess it's a relief in a way!

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