Sunday, June 30, 2013

130629-30 Cosmake Event

there was a mall event at lotte, in cheongryangri where cosmake was introduced to the public in conjunction with lotte mall sponsors. since CSL was in charge of cosmake, we went down to display our costumes and performed to the public.

set up of the area before the public comes in

our members had to stand in front of these background and pose/take pictures with the public. 

the turn out wasn't great, lots of little kids appeared and i think somehow we should have had more characters wearing cute costumes than scary armours (it scared most of the kids away lol). we had 2 performances on sat and another one on sun.

here's me and my darling doing jayce. our music couldn't work the next day so we had to perform alongside some random music. it was really weird. oh well.

junku also managed to come down - it's been so long since we last met! he's now a growing actor. that day was also the first day his drama will be aired, called 'I Want to Get Married'. however i haven't been able to find it. seems he only appears after episode 7 or 9 though, can't remember. since he will be starring as a cultured prince, he didn't have any chance to flaunt his martial arts. so sad. so he took this chance to do a temp shinigami and showed us a few stunts. still maintaining well, i must say! we had drinks together post event, it was a pretty fun night! though we didn't drink till 3am like the others (had to go back to recuperate for the next day), it was still a worthwhile night.

sunday was actually more interesting since there were other teams down as well for competition. i spotted our pretty member (cos from Aion) and took pictures with her hahahhaha

and this is like the 4th time i'm in saber cos. though for waky, it's much more....!

sailormoon topped the competition, seems that it's difficult to compete with a classic series~ we packed to get ready to go, and all our stuff was shipped off in a HUGE truck. like those meant for moving house. whoa. didn't eat with the team though cos they wanted kfc, so i went with 00 for ramen instead. tee-hee.

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