Saturday, June 08, 2013

Philippines Day 2: WCS Semi Finals

woke up the next time around 8+. wow. and we actually managed to have breakfast - and it was the only breakfast we have for the whole trip - at the hotel. the breakfast for ordering was awesome! but as long as there's cereal, egg, toast and stuff for me, it's good breakfast. i had waffles, and the rest of the koreans had rice.

this adobo chicken is really nice!

after that we got ready to move our stuff out and prepare at the convention.

and i saw so many familiar faces!!!!!!!!!!!! KYAA~~~!! love you guys for coming over!!!!

here's romeo b2/quakey and lunaru, who took care of us in our first fantasy quest.

here's rio, who took care of us in our lol trip. thanks for the little turtle keychain~ i like our heart photo!!

and zell, the awesome photog hohoho. if you're wondering how awesome he is here's the photo he helped me take! 

here's victor, who brought us cat tongue butter chips that the team really like!

and an invisible jemarc. hahahah. hope your interview went well!

and christine, liui, riyo who we hung out with xD guess what, this is the only photo that waky is not making any faces in and i think he looks pretty handsome here. so stop making all the weird faces!!!

finally jayce is ready~~ wheee *muacks* *hearts* *hearts*

and with some filipino cosplayers who were in hanging out in the area - thanks may for the polvorons!

and this awesome armour by one of the red factor members, who got shortlisted for finals.

and james who interviewed me, wanted to be knighted. hahah.

me and waky performed fate zero, and our weapons got totally destroyed after that. here's me and berserker waky~ and our performance

some of my armour parts fell off too - so that's why the collar is hanging so far away from my neck T_T here's our full team anyway!! GO GO TEAM CSL~~!!!!

i actually gave away my sword to the red factor team since we were gonna throw it away and make a new one anyway. and i got a rourouni kenshin sword in return. these people were so happy receiving the broken sword i felt quite ashamed...

after the event ended we went to eat dinner at a restaurant by the beach. and during the journey this was how tired our leader was after a whole night of chionging the weapon... some people just never learn...

that blue shiny thing is our hotel in the distance!

and mr kong just stood there for a long time after he saw the beach. i think he was too dazed.

there wasn't a lot of food, and it was so dark that i didn't know what i was eating. only managed to take these...

we then headed back to our hotel for the after party! it started off with a sizzling fire show!

and a very blurred shot there with erving and marko before they left...

everyone drank flaming lamborghini so it was a really crazy night watching all the drunken peeps...

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