Saturday, June 15, 2013

130615 Olympus LOL event

just the weekend when we returned, we had an advertising event for olympus at a local exposition hall. didn't cosplay but went over to help instead. THANKFULLY. it's actually a job for CSL, where LOL characters were required to pose and take pictures with fans. i was wondering what's the link with olympus and LOL but turns out it's just sponsor relationship.

we reached around 11+ just in time for lunch. hehe.

so here's the stage where they're supposed to stand at for like 40mins-1hr before a 15mins break comes in. kinda tough. can't imagine being under the hot sun for such a long time in armour. seriously, they could have thought of a better position than just right next to the sheltered area, so that the cosplayers don't need to suffer the sunlight??? sometimes i feel organisers don't really take care of cosplayers welfare.

at about 3-4+ our jayce made an entrance, cosplayed by ark. he didn't move at all during the entire time! thought he might have fall asleep inside. mordekaiser was done by param instead of neutan in the first picture. he's really good at it! heh. (by the way the guy in the middle kept taking lots of our pictures. power of csl fan)

there were actually other cosplayers around too, who turned out to be param's friend. 

after the tiring day, we went to have bbq at a nearby restaurant.

what's special about this is that you get to wrap it! using this transparent hard thingy which turns soft in hot water.

then we went for a 2hour ktv session. it's like only 2000 won per person. so cheap!

video clips of some of our members singing... not so bad!

prince skasha with his japanese song.

our tallie neutan with his romantic korean number.

and er, honestly, waky has the most entertaining song. lol!!!! i don't know what he's singing!!!
lolololololol and why's everyone falling asleep! though waky's doing something really cranky again.

and ark overreacted when a sad song was being sung. the whole group was half laughing and crying, it was so hilarious!!

i think everyone went sort of crazy at the singing session.

we took the train to gangnam and chanced by this 'so spicy it makes you tear' chicken, and the guys absolutely wanted to try.

it seriously made me tear... with like less than 1cm of the meat. i don't know how mr k can take it!!!

we managed to catch the last bus home after missing about 4-5 of them while trying to locate ark's lost phone. poor boy, i hate losing my phone too... didn't manage to find it in the end though :(

still, it was a great day!

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