Monday, June 10, 2013

Philippines Day 4: US Navy Warship

we got up like really late... and only managed to finish packing by 11+. however we had to keep waiting for i'm not sure what so in the end we got to the place by 12+ and only managed to have a tour after that.

it was awesome we managed to meet the people in charge of the warship during our after party on our second day, so we called them up and were brought to a trip within the ship.

i wasn't in cosplay so it was still fine for me but poor niti and prangawee were in their armour since we left the hotel and wore it till the end. i really take my hat off these 2, there were like narrow passageways and steep staircases, but the 2 got through everything, in their armour!!!!

so i'm gonna just keep spamming photos since i kinda missed some explanations on what the different areas are for.

but of cos, this is obvious that it's the kitchen and restaurant area. kekek.

then we slowly got out to the deck.

hoho niti's karas is so cool here

and there's a cannon!

me and eki is just normal...

but see what the guys are doing... hahaha.

the last stop was at the steering area, where we got to sit in the captain's seat!

our leader and the 2 handyman.

and all of us at the deck!

after that we waited at the restaurant while the guys brought the costume over. we also bade farewell to the thais as they went off for their afternoon flight.

as it happens, it was raining so when the guy came they were pretty drenched. and i was stuck in the toilet for more than half an hour, so no inkling of what's happening outside. i do know that a long queue built up outside the toilet and i came out all flushed. x_x

we took about an hour or so to prepare, and i turned photog for the day, shooting for kyungmin and eki since riyo was sending the thais off. jayce couldn't make it because it was missing the stick for the weapon. it was really a waste T_T after all that chionging in the night to repair and 2 days without sleeping... GOSHHH one stick is all it takes to destroy the effort. sighs.

we ended the shoot around 5+ as the deck was closed then and it was around dinner time for the people, so we had to get out quick. we went to a neat little cafe for the most awesome dinner!

the most expensive thing on the menu, pepper steak and garlic steak...

here's my salmon with mango sauce.. looks like meat!

and pasta that christine ordered.

and the great spanish pizza that niti ordered - yep the thais came back for dinner because they missed their flight. was kinda expected though since they left at 2 and their flight was 4 and there was heavy rain.... oh well, more philippines time!

after dinner, we took a taxi to our hotel to collect our things, then bus over to manila and taxi to the airport. complicated routes. and we arrived just 1hour+ before our flight at the new airport. thank goodness it was new so christine, riyo and liui could send us off inside. we quickly checked in everything and rushed all the way to boarding gate and made it just in time!

and here's ... breakfast?

touched down at around 6+am but because the foreigner's queue is so bloody long i took an hour to check out. and it was time to go school =_=

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