Sunday, June 23, 2013

130623 Family Visit

my family came over to visit in the middle of june and went over to jeju too. i was only able to look for them on sunday. they were staying at prince hotel in myeongdong, a very big and comfortable place and i went over to tongpang. hohoh.

it's practically an apartment, complete with a living room.

there's tvs outside and in the bedroom as well.

2 big beds and cabinets

huge washroom

i took them to hyehwa to walk around and had pat bingsu at a cafe. shouldn't have ordered 3, these were HUGE.

passed by a few pretty neat restaurants.

slept over and woke up at 7am for school. it was much nearer from here to SKK than from Yongin. i actually got off school early but i took the wrong bus to jamsil and eventually took 3 hours to reach when it should have just taken 1. decided to try the bus to Sadang but took it in the wrong direction T_T

when i reached lotte, everyone else was already waiting. since my family wanted to meet mr k, i asked him to come down too. and my dad had cravings for fried chicken for days, so mr k bought 2 boxes of kyochon chicken over.

we had dinner at ashley's and it was just a like a big family reunion. kekekek.

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