Friday, June 28, 2013

130628 Sungkyunkwan Graduation ceremony

i had an oral test just after the dinner with my family, and only got to study it a bit at night. then i skipped the lessons after the test and went to have lunch with my family and send them off.

the next day though, was my test and i practically spent my whole day shopping and only managed to cram a bit of work in. but i didn't score too badly. the only terrible results i had was my Korean Conversational skills, because i skipped a test due to my Philippines trip, which was probably worth 50%. oh well. that actually pulled my entire grade down badly. not that i can't graduate still. hahah.

our last day in school was spent talking and eating in classroom.

we had a good conversation with our teachers over coffee too, with 3 classes altogether. you might wonder how we squeeze so many people in the cafe, but with 3 classes, only less than 10 of us turn up for the last day, so we could all fit a table in the cafe.

and then on friday was our graduation ceremony. since i skipped the last one, i decided turn up for this first and last graduation in SKK. the front part of it was pretty boring, just prize giving, graduates naming and speeches, but the performance at the back was really entertaining! i like the drama play of the woodcutter and the fairies, where they twisted the story so much it was hilarious.

the person who acted as the tree and superman was really funny!

last part where they did the gentlemen dance
the other reason why i had to show up too was cos i had a singing performance since i attended the karaoke cultural class =_= thankfully it's group singing and nope, i have no videos of it!!! there was also an half an hour movie put together by the sixth graders, which is really well-made!

and lastly, photo spams of people who made studying here interesting and unforgettable. starting with my favourite teachers!

Ms Lee Seung Ah, our form teacher for grade 4, who helped with greatly with my surgery. not kidding, but i'll probably have bled to death if i didn't chance upon her. i love all your lessons, you're such an amazing teacher!

Ms Kim Mi Jeong, my form teacher for grade 5. thanks for visiting me while i was in hospital and always being so concerned over my health, even buying me a cute cat seat to save my butt from the misadventures. the only reason i ever go to the final few karaoke classes was because i don't want you to weep at home with your puppy the next semester! i enjoyed your classes, you're such a dramatic and funny teacher.

Ms Ju, my essay and listening teacher. all the cute stamps you gave for my essays were encouraging, it's sad that we only got to know each other during the last few classes! while i didn't have a great impression at the beginning, i find that you're a teacher who grows on me, and you're really very pretty!!

and my classmates in 4th grade: the smart people of our classes - jisu, my first friend in SKK : >, jo eok, the shy but intelligent guy. didn't expect you to act as iron man in the woodcutter show, well done!, tabassum.

tabassum - amazing lead in the woodcutter drama! you were the most awesome class rep, who made efforts to make our classes interesting. don't get too stressed over studying and you'll do just fine!

dear heju - i didn't manage to hook you up with our team leader, but i bet you'll find a better guy back in america!

wang shigi - my pretty classmate for 5th grade as well, thank goodness there was someone i know sitting beside me. i'm sure you'll do well as a future female leader with all the tenacity you have!

younggeoul - no one can forget your name after they watch fashion king. you have the most female squeaks i know. here's a person who shares my joy in having toast and milk for breakfast!

and here's classmates from my 5th grade - iyeom, juan, soyoung and shigi. iyeom is the smartest girl in our class... and juan, our male class rep from malaysia, who turns up class laughter a notch every time. don't gay too much with the guys and i'm sure the girls will love you more!

yohan who is always skipping class with a variety of reasons. don't touch juan so much!!

little cute wanggun

so young, who has excellent drawing skills. wish i could buy that dbsk fan art book you drew... it's really awesome!

bombi, the tallest guy in our class. i think your name is so cute. hahah and the acting in our conversational class was hilarious!

salamander, who i got to have lunch with a couple of times, and could have a good chat over with. the only person who knows about my problem too, heh. i'll see you when you come to singapore!

glad to have know everyone of you, and may we see each other somewhere, someday, sometime in the near future again!

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