Sunday, June 09, 2013

Philippines Day 3: Subic Beach

the 3rd day, we all woke up past 11am. so much for getting ready at 8am. haaha. it was kinda expected anyway but as we had to check out by 12... then again i wouldn't say we were in much of a hurry since we were all taking our own sweet time to pack and get ready.

checked in to our new hotel at subic international. it was less grand but still livable. the toilet looks pretty creepy though.

and our room was messed up again in the night so there's only this pic i koped from eki. common situation for all cosplayers i guess =_=

so we set off for the beach, not before we had a super filling lunch. i think they understood how koreans can eat so much by now so our lunch was really really really a lot. this was at a chinese restaurant.

i swear the amount is almost 5 times the normal meals we have. and we couldn't finish it!! gawwww

we then stopped at the embassy/ govt building (?) of our sponsor and took some photos around it.

there was a little beach there so we took some photos there as well. see what waky wrote. hahahaha.

this place was actually just opposite the navy ship, where we were heading to the next day.

the weather was hot so when we saw the ice cream man we all gathered around him and bought ice creams~~

we then shopped at a shopping mall to get swimming costumes but instead of getting that i went to buy truckloads of kettle corn and we bought more food in the end. kekeke.

so it was barefoot beach then~ we went on almost an hour long boat ride! see who's leading the front of the boat

then we stopped at the white castle that was just in the middle of the seas.

since we were barefoot, climbing the rocks was a pain...

and then it was time to goooo

we ordered our dinner but since we were still pretty full it was mostly drinks. their drinks were pretty exotic and nice, especially the fruit shakes.

this is mango orange shake.

ice cream choco shake! finished in an instant...

mocha shake

you can tell what kinda fruit shakes it is by what fruits are placed on top so this is pineapple apple~

this is flambe mango, but it was pretty weird cos it's hot mangoes topped with ice cream...

only ordered teriyaki chicken and yaki soba.

at the end we were pleasantly happy to see romeo and the rest before we left as they bade goodbye to us. i'm so sorry we weren't able to play together T_T

we got some kitty ear presents from red factor team too hehehe thanks!!!

we then retired for the night... but the night our dear leader had to stay awake the whole night again to repair his armour for the next day's shoot.

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