Wednesday, July 24, 2013

130724 Konjiam Resort in the Summer

so mr k been skiing too often and he was rewarded with a deluxe room at the resort.. and i had the honor to go along to rest and relax hohohoh. so we took about a 2.5hours bus ride over to Konjiam resort and...

there's a neat little waterfall where people were already wading inside when we got there.. of cos it was all kids.

this is actually the building we were gonna stay in, feels like hdb eh...?

lo and behold! our huge room that's probably big enough for more than 5persons. there's 2 rooms, one of which is empty, though there's mattresses in the cupboard.

there's also 2 toilets, one in between the rooms and another in the master bed room.

there's a huge living room... that already comes with a sleeping person

and a full kitchen to boot! it's like a house!!

when it's not winter, a ski resort often turns into a golf course, since the land would be big enough for that to happen.

but since i don't play golf... (and anyway it doesn't seem to be turned into a gold course, either that or there's just no one playing golf) we headed over to the spa pool instead.

this glass thingy houses the indoor pools.

can't take much pictures since i'm swimming (or rather, just wading in between pools). they have hot and cold pools, indoor and outdoors and there's also all the massage functions in the pools. not bad, but definitely not worth 30k ++ won...

we stayed in for 3-4hours then came out to get dinner. since there's a kitchen, i suggested we do some cooking! of cos, like instant meals... hahahah.

had spaghetti and udon, and bought half a dozen eggs to throw in, plus some instant soup, rice and kimchi.

instant food is yummy here~ thank goodness for all the convenience stalls around. hohoh. since it wasn't too late, we went out for a walk to digest our dinner. there's some statues and fountains...

but there's really not much to look at. we came out to digest dinner but ended up eating ice cream... went back to retire for the day once the walk's over.

needed to check out by 12 the next day, and i think it was the first time we checked out on time since we slept before 11pm the day before. i cooked what's left of our instant food - marinated chicken vermicelli and spaghetti, with soup and whatever we have left of our rice and kimchi and eggs. 

we lazed around till it was almost 12pm, then checked out... while waiting for the shuttle bus to come, we walked around a bit, then left for yong-in. goodbye Konjiam~~

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