Sunday, August 25, 2013

Milla Maxwell WIP

so i started working on my new costume since i could find all the materials i need and i had plenty of time at home. haha. so here's the character, Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia.

it was also just nice because i lost some weight and this character is baring a lot of stomach and skin, so i thought i'll fit in well. hoho. so anyway here's my WIP photos.

here's all the materials i got out of my stash. this is for the top and skirt and those criss cross belts she has, the second pic for the handguards and the last for the boots. (i used another shoe as base eventually, one that was about to be thrown off heh)

unfortunately my machine died on me and i had to get my parents to send me the spare one from malaysia. so i could only start to sew on day 2.

starting with the handguards... sewed on all the linings first

the red ribbons were all glued on so the criss cross patterns can stay. attached on the elbow guard that's made from foam.

i actually pasted on the elbow guard wrongly and had to take it out and stick it on again. urgh. so the correct one is on the right.

the wrist guard is pretty easy. did it on the first day.

the boots were pretty bothersome. the base was alright, it's only sticking it on the shoes that had a few problems.

but i managed it anyway. the front flap kept dropping so that has to be glued on the thigh flaps too. again, the criss crosses are all stuck on a separate panel, then sewed on the shoes.

there's also all the funny straps she has on her thighs. i just cut them out from the pvc and stuck rectangular patterns on them.

milla has probably the easiest top/skirt to work on. the skirt is simple enough... just needed to do the criss crosses on the side.

then sew on all the troublesome purple linings.

and hand-painted. i think i did the patterns too small though. but oh well...

not much to be said about the top. i took an unwanted spaghetti strap i had and cut it into half for the base, then stuck all the straps on it. pretty easy. just needed to keep trying it on to make sure i got the positions right.

and the neck collar decorations are all stuck on. easy.

last to be done was the sword. honestly i didn't do such a good job since everything was cut out of foam.

then painted the handle gold, for about 3-4 layers.

tried to do some 'rusting' patches on it but failed. so i just sprayed gold paint on it which made it a bit more shiny. last touch was the ribbons. the sword is not suitable for performances cos there's no backbone supporting it and the blade might just come off. but it's good enough for photo purposes. it's also terribly light!

last was her green hair extension. didn't do a very good job. couldn't find my clear pvc so i stuck it on some spare shiny pvc i had leftover from the sword. lol. not a good choice but i was too lazy to buy. this was to be pinned on the wig anyway. i mixed in 2 different shades of green. so it wouldn't look so 2D.

and that's milla's costume in 4 days. not so bad right? haha. and no shopping list for this since i had everything. keke.

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