Saturday, January 04, 2014

140104 Namdaemon

for a few nights in a row, 00 had been trying to complete the fai knuckles for pion's shoot, and it was getting rather irritating because he hasn't been sleeping well, being up all night to work on it and sleeping as little as 2-3hrs a day. in the day he still has to tour around with me, in a sleepy state. i got so angry that i chased all of them out of the room and threatened to throw all his things because they had been spray painting in the house and breathing in the paint for the whole day.

how unhealthy is that!! and poisonous. and i think we'll all become stupid in no time, breathing in the air.

but above all i was just at a loss as to why someone would risk his health to create something for free, and whether the deal at the end was really worth it. makes me hate cosplay sometimes, the extreme people go to.

and so i was very relieved when the whole thing was done, and he's finally free of this burden that's been tormenting everyone. you can see all the hard work here.

later on when i did realise that i wasn't being very supportive throwing him out.. and not very understanding... i offered to help him with the last few paintings. though it didn't really help much since it was at a very late stage. and i guess even if he does want to wreck his own health... it's his happiness. quarreling wouldn't benefit either of us. and for some reason this picture always pains me T_T

so anyway we managed to drop this off in time for the shoot. the pictures turned out pretty well a few days later. you can see the cosplayer pion here. the rest of the pictures are uploaded in her album too.

well anyway the area where we dropped off the prop was supposed to be at hwaguk (country of flower). but it has no flowers to speak off even after walking around for some time, nothing to see at all! so we took a bus to namdaemon, since there was a direct bus over.

namdaemon, as you see is one long night market with lots of street eateries. we had a stick of some fried stuff here, where the uncle could speak lots of languages and played saxophone for us. so cute!

passed by a huge bowl of eel-like thingy. seeing them squeezed in altogether is kind of sad. they probably all know their fate...

and of cos, there's the southern gate here, as with all the 'mons' (dongdaemon, namdaemon...). but i realised later on that there was an accessory market that i missed. nooooo.....

for dinner, since we didn't eat much for the whole day (not hungry, strangely), we went to a pretty famous seafood buffet near namdaemon.

got the voucher off timon at about 30% off~

not a bad selection, for about $30/person.

there's even free wine, makgolli and beer! wine is not so good though.

with a good a full dinner, we set to head home for a loooooong nice rest.

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