Sunday, January 05, 2014

140105 Yeosu Arrival

and my holidays finally began!

we woke up around 10+ to have breakfast. but out taxi wouldn't come, so we ended up having breakfast with jaebong, skasha, waky and mr gold before we headed off to the station, at a nearby bbq restaurant. had dwaengjang jjige (black bean soup) while the rest had galbi-tang though. jaebong was still pretty drunk and kept asking if we needed a ride to gyeonggi (which is like 6hrs drive). however, it seems that when we reached the bus terminal, we had already missed the early bus at 10am, and the next bus was at 2pm... (there was only 3 timings for our bus).

so we took a bus to suwon thinking to catch the train there. unfortunately, the train departing had no seats and will take 5 hrs to reach, so we were forced to take another route. there were 2 places we planned on going, and since the first one failed, we decided to go to a pc room and plan on where to move next.

we saw a couple fighting on our way, where the guy threw the girl's hp and it landed right in front of us. tempted to pick it up, but didn't. however where we left off, an uncle hurriedly took the phone away!! the guy shouted at the uncle, but since they were still in the middle of quarreling, neither chased after the uncle. wooot! free phone for the uncle! wow!

wanted to watch the drama somemore, but we should be heading our way soon too. thankfully there was a pc room just near the suwon station, and it was non-smoking! (you know how rare it is to find a non-smoking pc room...) we bought yeosu accomodation off timon, and went off to get our train tickets. since there was about 30mins before our train ride, we headed to the toast place to get some lunch before we go.

our ride was around 4pm eventually, and by the time we reached yeosu, it would be 9+pm. we had to stand for 2 hrs before we got seats.

we explored the place a bit, and there was a train cafe!

not only that, there's a private massage and karaoke room. whoa.

got to sit after a looooooong standing journey. and we finally got to yeosu~~

the bus uncle was nice enough to drop us near our hotel, even when his bus didn't actually go there. i realised the bus uncles here are all pretty friendly and nice!! beginning to like yeosu already.

our first night was at HS tourist hotel.

it was about 120k won per night, with breakfast and 2 railbike tickets included (that costs 15k). bed was huuuuge, i think it was meant for 3 people cos they had 3sets of disposable stuff there too.

went out to get dinner and explore a bit, but most of the places were already closed... from afar, the MVL looked like a shopping centre so we walked towards it.

turns out it was just a fancy hotel. oh well. there's a pavilion nearby that seems good for sunrise though.

in the end we settled our dinner at a convenience shop. bought some stuff that needed microwave, which we didn't have in the room, so we brought everything down again and ate it at the convenience store... haha.

the instant rice is really cool~~! see how it's made!

you put some hot water, than the seasonings. then you add in the rice.

put the sauce in then place in microwave for like 2-3mins.

and dinner's done! we even bought bokkeum kimchi, eggs and seaweed as sidedishes. too korean. hohoh. i actually prefer this kind of dinner, than a proper meal. lolol.

and that's the first night at yeosu~

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