Wednesday, April 30, 2014

140430 Hangzhou Arrival

so i arrived at hangzhou for a competition after being very much little prepared... we only ever had 2 full days to prepare, compose and rehearse so i was quite glad we didn't have to perform on the first day (competition split into 2 days). and we only booked the tickets just the day before the flight. talk about bad arrangement... took xiamen airlines. no in-flight entertainment, just a shared screen. it was the only flight that didn't require much waiting before transfers, but it was expensive (over $950+)!!!

i had to make an 1 hr transfer at a local airport. not too bad, lots of familiar shops.

kasumi's china shop!

airport food is one of the worst i've eaten. do not pick the fish. somehow fried rice or some pork rice seemed better.

picked up at the airport and was sent via taxi to the hotel. just 20mins away.

i really like our room! it was big and comfortable. as you can see maria arrived much earlier and already layed out all her pieces to be worn. heh.

i like sharing a room with maria. we have a lot to talk about, although that means sleeping late. but it felt like i have a sister again. we have similar opinions on so many things.

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