Thursday, May 01, 2014

140501 CICAF Day 1

so for day 1, we had breakfast at the hotel (love breakfast buffet!) - it was quite a spread although i only took a little bit of everything.

we were half-dressed as we were told that we could change over there. but it appeared that everyone was fully dressed when we gathered at the hall =_= anyway, we got on the mini van for us.

we know CICAF is huge, but not what i quite imagined. they have big print advertisements everywhere!
and a building dedicated to it.
we can already see people flocking in.

met a really awesome demon hunter on the way who was like 1 head taller than me... wowowwww. please forgive my pajamas state.

many displays along the way...!

and here's the changing area/practice area. it was biiiig. there was so many background props!! and so professionally made!!!

and guess what, even the security guards are taking photos. lol.

and we're finally changed.....! photo spam! i'm doing byakko from zone-00 and maria is doing maria from sakura wars.

denmark's claymore team. she had to squat in a corner to eat her lunch later. poor thing...

when priscilla came out during the performance, the crowd had a scare. it was awesome.

and morten's here as their organiser too!

holland's beauty guys!

the sexy korean babes

the very energetic and kawaii thailand team!

i love their performance!! the dance is so fast and synchronised!

the US team who look like they stepped out of a movie

and more pictures outside the place

finally lunch time~~

i also really like the stage, it was pretty and big!!

and the performing teams consist of over 50 members.. it was crazy.

there's kids as young as these too...

oh man, i took so many videos but they somehow don't work here. will try to find another way to put in. or check my photobucket here: videos more videos!

some group photos at the end of the event~~ whee~

we had some time to walk around after changing out around 5 or so. but it was really too crowded to see much...

we had a great dinner where we got to talk with all the contestants and exchange DIY tips with them. it was hilarious how john ate a chicken head on his first day!

the day wasn't over for us though. we have to set up our pillars for the next day... using paper bags. lol.

and then, sleep~~

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