Saturday, May 17, 2014

140517 ACM Solo/Double

we changed up in the great air-conditioned area of DBS, but had to walk over to the performance area. as it rained earlier on, the weather was slightly better, but still hot.

You can watch all the videos from here. the guy has a really good positioning of the video where not many people/objects are blocking.

i'm just gonna plonk some of the solo performances video here:

Fishii from Malaysia (she can really act! *_*)

Abraham from Philippines (the armour is awesome!! and that thing he stood on..!)

and me from Singapore (ok, i must say i forgot a lot of steps but oh well.)

ahbu our local photog took a really awesome picture of me on stage. can't even remember when i made this pose but i really like the whole feel.

after my solo, i thought we could take a rest at the VIP area but i had to help Maria with her doubles first. it turns out that going to the VIP area wasn't all that fun. sure there's air con and food, but we were MADE to take pictures with everybody. the 'guide' bringing us around was almost pleading for people to take pictures with us. it was terrible and embarrassing. and we weren't even given time to eat. really horrible treatment. she still told us there's a second round. thank goodness another batch was coming so we made our escape. didn't even get to eat anything at all...

managed to come back so see more doubles competition. maria's diablo always make such a presence!! it was scary even when i looked from the side. a very wcs-worthy performance!!

and then i'm gonna spam photos~~ starting with me and mariaaaaaaaaaaaa the 2 evil queens! hoho. we're so color-coordinated.

thanks jes for coming over! she's like the only one i know who was there. T_T

with the all too cute xiao zhou! and my future memphis! don't break your promise!!! gogogo!

the china team~

 and judge from china, who was with the wcs contestants as organiser during our year

team malaysia but er mixed in with taiwan and china so i don't know what to call it anymore. lol

how can we forget kaname the guest of the event!

and i found a photo that jonathan helped take with team philippines~ all the awesome armours!

and when everything's over.. we had a super massive selfie in the resting area. hoho!

everyone just ran over when we called for selfies. it was really great harmony!! love you guys!! and tonight was buffet dinner at merchant court. wheee~~~

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