Saturday, May 03, 2014

140503 CICAF ends

and it's buffet breakfast again~

this is the day we all cosplay as photogs!

on our way over to the exhibition area, we managed to get a chance to talk to xizhen. my new idol. *_*

she's such a lovely person!!

i helped xizhen get her lunch as she had difficulty with the buffet tables. what an honor. but we couldn't sit together as she had to be with the other judges. and i only realised she's one of the judges too late cos she told takahan congrats.

the last day was just for us to walk the exhibition halls before the final prize presentation.

 the anime booths were da bomb.


there's a signing session going on with xizhen and xiaoxiaobai!!!

 ate ice cream inside too.

we went to chiong a lot of swords and wigs and all the booths but there were just not enough time!!! at least i managed to buy 3 swords and 2 wigs. whee!

then we proceeded to the event area.

maria and i with our little yellow chicks that came with the goodie bags we bought.

and the event starts to round up the whole event and present prizes.

there were live sound acting too!

for the pairs, these were the top 2

and we got third!!! yay! get ready for more picture spam with our prize!

been a long time since we got such a trophy so super kiasu about it. lol. here's the cn-jp interpreter. heh.

there's also a plague given to all participation teams who made it.

our foreign counterparts had to leave early so we got in a team photo before everybody left.

with the interpreters and japan team left, we set off to our hotel for dinner. finally got to take some pic with team japan who's left with us.

the sailor grandpa is so cute!~

and our dinner.

we met xiaoxiaobai over dinner with his gf (i think). wah! he looks like a spin-off of junki!!! so pretty!

not much to do for the rest of the night but we did hang out with team japan afterwards. heh.


not to forget my xiamen airway food...

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