Friday, May 16, 2014

140516 Meet and Greet

so on the first day, we were supposed to have rehearsal and set up our stuff from 11am onwards. it was quite a shock to see the place, really. it was non-aircon and the stage was much smaller than cosfest. kind of expected, but perhaps not the hotness. would have thought that they'll be decent enough to install some aircon for the poor cosplayers, but guess not.

so... since we didn't bring over most of our things, we decided to tape up a background bought from taobao, and set up some mock stands - both of which didn't come to any use eventually. lol.

while waiting for our turn to rehearse, we went on interviews with the local newspaper over phone. it was so hot, we had to walk over to marina link mall to be able to talk decently. we weren't even in our costumes yet for goodness sake.
at night, we were brought over to novena square for a Meet and Greet session.

wise choice for Kasumi, who had to skip this thing due to his japanese lessons. we had to basically change and make up in the public toilet (it felt like some rush for time in a reality show btw), in our sweaty state, and be introduced to the small little crowd. then entertain them with clownish games. so here's some photo spams~

 team japan, china and malaysia... can you tell who's who!
indonesia team~
thailand team!
linlin was the contestant in 2010 for china. so happy to see her again!

the pretty boy shamo. maria was impressed by his make up skills. so was i!!

 the power girl team from malaysia
team amaterase! heard a lot about them and it's great to see em.

me and maria on stage since kasumi wasn't around.

and a big group photo at the end!

we went back to the stage area to practise my solo before going over to Kasumi's house. human form selfie~

oh ya, cannot forget my selfie with myself in the poster. HAHA!

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