Monday, May 26, 2014

140524-25 Amara Resort

so over the weekends, we got to stay at amara resort due to the 30th anniversay of my dad's company. i had a check up in the morning so i ate brunch there. love free food with check ups!

then i headed to amk to meet my sis. we bought xmen tickets for sunday before going down sentosa together.

and here we are!

we took some releaxed drinks at the pub downstairs since everything was freeflow

free flow kacang puteh too!

ordered some german sausages and cocktails to start with.

and guess what there were like 4 peacocks running wild here.

never knew they could fly till one flapped up to the roof in front of us. whoa!

here's a selfie of us~

we went back to rest for a while before dinner starts. it started with a 10 yr prize giving, then buffet dinner.

black pepper prawns were the food of the day. they were all the peeled version! so i had to take some more.

they had the 20yr prize presentation also. my father worked for over 25 years and got awarded with a tag-heuer watch.

unfortunately he was forced to sing later on. lololol and it was the first time we heard our dad sing. and my bro realised where he got his ahem, voice, from. hahahahahahahhahahahaha

the event ended with a cake cutting and we ate the chocolate slices. it was 10+ by the time it ended as there were so many singing in between. went back hotel, bathed and slept till tomorrow.

and buffet breakfast at Shutter to start the day! whee! i love breakfast!

it's actually 38per person if you don't get the rooms. whoa. but quite worth it.

after breakfast we rested for an hour or so then got ready to check out. sis and bro were watching xmen at 2pm, so i went home first, slacked till 3+ then got out to watch xmen with maria around 420pm.

my conclusion of xmen - magneto is awesome! and guess what, there's a korean version of him too. lol.


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