Sunday, May 18, 2014

140518 ACM Group

so it's finally the day of the competition! it rained super heavily till about 2+pm and a flood occurred at the event area. i actually hoped that everything will get cancelled because the whole weather and the performance area just made it awful to even perform.

my costume actually took much longer to get changed into because of the boob area. argh. also i had to test my wig changing. so thank goodness for the stormy weather!

while the event got delayed, it did not get cancelled. we still moved from the changing area to the performance area, just an hour later. there were people who sheltered us all the way over using gigantic umbrellas. bridges were also built for ease of traveling above the muddy grass patches.

it started with a super long introduction of the wcs contestants, then a catwalk, and then the introduction of the acm contestants (which i skipped, since i looked horrendous). all to stall for time i supposed. which wasn't bad, since we missed out a prop and had to send sebastian to get it.

so here's some videos to watch! again, you can watch everything here.

i like malaysia's set up

team phillipines did a cool and humorous act. they're the winners of the day!

 thailand did a great job with their funny jojo act! all that 2D background!

and finally our group. the butterflies that built up really affected me quite a lot. we really have too much stage props and the prepartion time took a bit of time. and many things failed. i guess we were too fast/confusing as well? oh well. it was a disappointment but maria was still fantastic.

after competition, we were once again dragged to the VIP area to do free photos. really. we're all tired and we have to do this. sometimes it's just frustrating. at least they never asked people to take with us this time. anyway here's our team!

oh, and vic, jovelle, alvin and ligen came over. i saw daniel too but didn't have a chance to talk to him T_T nice to have a few more familiar faces!!

i have to tompang people's camera since my hp wasn't working. here's fishii's alice costume. shiny!

the prize presentation area was in front of the river and it took forever.

congrats to philippines!!! their props, performances and costumes were crazy. really well done!! you deserve it!!!

just a bit of griping on my side. more than an hour was spent giving prizes to the dragon boar races and the first prize went over 20k. but cosplay was just that 1 prize at 2k. kind of stingy for a bank organiser. and it just shows how much they view cosplay. we're there as free labour for phototaking, they give us a small miserable stage and a tiny prize for putting up 3 performances. well done.

when everything was over it was time to pack and leave. we took some final group photos, then went back to changing area to morph into human. please forgive my chui face because i was supposed to put on my shades so my make up remained kouichi.


after that we came back to the stage area to clear our props. a lot of the teams threw their stuff away so being the singaporeans, we picked up all the pipes and whatever we could carry back. thankfully nik was there to help, if not me and maria may have to dump all our things as well!

 fishii thought i was throwing my wings. photo with twin!

then it was off to dinner. but more human form selfies before that. hurhur

we had dinner at xin wang cafe at marina square. started off pretty badly as there were some more quarrels with the organiser. sighs.wish they could have thought more from our PoV instead of only thinking from their end only sometimes.

so anyway, some photos before we end the night...

there's a funny signing footage on xiao zhou's shirt by kaname you should see here!!

then it was farewell everyone!!!

nik sent me and maria home and help lugged all our props till 2am. really major thanks and much apologies to you. you're the man of the day!

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