Friday, May 02, 2014

150502 CICAF Comp

so today's the day of the competition... fighting!!
breakfast was slightly different today. still good~

today we're more prepared. we went full dressed on the bus. heh. we're doing dark knight and berserker from lord of vermillion.

Here's our performance! you can watch more performances from bolero's channel

i really like this stage. all the lightings are so in tune with our performance and enhances it. stage is REALLY important in making you feel more confident, and like a star.

a picture of all the china pair contestants

and then it was lunchtime. we ate at the judge's table. it was quite weird to have the whole crowd staring at you while you ate...

more photo spamming~

the korean ladies did such a korean dance. it was not really related to cosplay but it's still nice to watch. the O.O... omg.

can't help it, the stage lighting made selfies awesome

i think she's really pretty. *_*

we watched a bit more of the performances before moving on to the meeting area to conclude the event. and yes, more photos before anything starts~~

finally got to take with team japan.

the girls~

some selfies!!
team denmark! she's the girl who did the priscilla blue monster from claymore on day 1. such a pretty face!

don't you think her partner looks like drew barrymore...

ronald and michael from holland

i like this one with john from US. look at the 2D make up indra did for him!!! and he looks like arnold swarzeneggar.

can't forget the sexy korean team..!

and the panel of VIPs.

all the representing organisers after they signed the pact'

and a signature of everyone donating to singapore's fund. LOL.

last few photos with our makeshift pillars.

you have served us well~

and how can you conclude an event without group pictures??

dinner was at a carousell steamboat place. pretty cute~

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