Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i was playing my silmeria halfway when i got a call from lien foundation, telling me to go for an interview at 245pm. (it was 1130am) when i told her it was a bit tight for me, she asked me to go at 2pm instead. (uh.. isn't there some kinda mathematical problem here?) she could give me 6pm, but i would probably be late, so i ended up rushing to school and reaching at 2pm. phew. and here's the most shocking information of the day: i realised i applied for the wrong interview... i wanted the 'design product and market it for the elderly', which was yong'en, but i applied for ncss - vwo database consolidation, and i have totally no idea what the hell that is. THIS IS ONE BIG SERIOUS MISTAKE. yes i know. i bet you have never seen anyone who could be clueless about what interview she's going. the lady was like 'you're a smart girl, but you're such a blur poke!' i'm thankful that she was nice enough to give me 'gentle' warnings but i think i screwed it up big time nevertheless. however, i did get to gain some insights and think about the stuff she asked (what do you plan to do after you graduate, what part of marketing do you want to do), and these questions were - well, guess what - asked again by HP. holy cow. how lucky am i.
and everyone! i think i just got my hp internship. apparently i've been called up for another interview at another hp place, and i had 1.5 hours of interview... and i think she offered me directly (congratulations, i will make you an offer for this internship - so that means i got in right?). i'm so happy now i'm up at 12.47am cos i can't sleep and i want to write a thank you letter to my interviewer. i think the road ahead will be tough though, from the way she says we gotta be self-managed (means do everything your self, 0 guidance). but hell, i'm looking forward to it! to work at hp! closest to my dream come true. i think i'm overly optimistic though. i might not be able to handle it, but who knows till you've tried? i really enjoyed my interview with her!! somehowshe just reminds me of my supervisors at morey's piers. hee. maybe that's why i did better for this interview.
i think i really gotta go sleep. i want to eat french toasts tomorrow! has been a hectic but enjoyable day. ..^_^.. i like the feeling of having done something useful.

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