Friday, April 20, 2007

oh man!! i'm so super duper happy!! but i think this happiness is not gonna last long, cos the important papers are still at large. and the tendency is for my gpa to roll back to the original point after those grades are released. i got an A for my final exam paper for econs, and a final grade of A-. i wasn't expecting an A for the paper!!! i was only expecting a B+ for econs, and hopefully for finance and bp as well. that makes the 3rd A in a row!! wow!! i've seriously never gotten so many As in my university years. and my VERY FIRST A is from marketing research. i love sanjoy ghose man... guess all that stress and malacca trip was worth it. heh. i'm so worried about bp though. after that blur saga... now if i could just step up and grab an A+ for one of the modules somewhere in the distant future... then maybe, just maybe, i'll be able to verify that i haven't turned stupid...

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