Saturday, April 14, 2007

Today is going to be a great day for you, Christy-Bell, especially where your love life is concerned! It is likely that you have been a bit unsure about where you stand in your current relationship. Today you will be relieved to discover just how much you are loved. Of course, as we see it, what's not to love? You have many attributes. It's no wonder you have a suitor for every one of them.

ok, that sounds good, except i didn't have a very good day aside from the fact that my exams are just over. i made another silly mistake of the century - by not reading the instructions. haiz. i should've been familiar with such processes by now, but i'm not. whoever had heard of writing workings for MCQ papers?! it's just unfathomable. definitely not in my instinct. now i just pray that i can still get marks for my unruly handwriting and seeming working kind of workings. i absolutely DO NOT want to retake this module, especially since i have already estimated a year to go, and 1 more module is just gonna take me another semestre AND drag my gpa. sighs...

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