Tuesday, March 11, 2008

alucard hellsing

red cloth: $4/m x 2 = $8
corrugated board: $2
brown contacts: $20 (closest i could find then...)
gloves: $2

total: $32

reflections/lessons learnt
wahahahah is one of my cheaper cosplays. the rest were all pre-owned items like the vest, pants, boots. even the gun was made from a piece of corrugated board i owned, but let's just put the rough value at that. anyway i thought i've put quite a lot of newspapapers stacked in between but the gun still looks horribly flat.
drew the pentagram on my gloves, turned out well, but was destroyed after washing. spent so much time to drew it...
learnt how to put on contacts!! and red contacts cannot be bought locally.
used a wasted cap and corrugated board for the hat. used A LOT of glue for it, seems like it doesn't really stick well. and the collar doesn't stand... (well i've just discovered the material for it!)

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