Tuesday, March 11, 2008

kureha shining wind

orange cloth: $2.50/m x 3 = $7.50
brown cloth: $2.50/m x 1 = $2.50
beige cloth: $2.50/m x 1 = $2.50
brown ribbon: $5 per roll
white boots: $35
satin hairband: $2
white bow strings: $2
jade earrings: $3
green pearl earring: $3
body tape: $13.90
masking tape: $1.50 x 2rolls = $3
brown long wig (taobao): $33.46
white applique: $1.20 x 2m = $2.40
white 18inch zips: $0.70*2 = $1.40

total: $116.66

reflection/lessons learnt
i've tried to create a bow but it was so flimsy. i guess my weapon making skills aren't there yet.
i bought body tapes so my top wouldn't drop out or anything, haven't tried using it though...
seams for the zigzag pattern under the skirt.
folding in of cloth for the petal pattern to keep the threads from loosing.
the skirt is too damn revealing. especially cos of the flounce. gahhh.

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