Sunday, May 03, 2009

and this weekend, i cut my cloth for shirogane and sewed them together. finished it today while doing my cheat stitches and watching dog and wolf's time (OMG i so LOVE lee junki)

and i'd never thought i'd photoshop my WIP pictures. ah well, blame the lighting. it was so super dark you couldn't tell if it's a top or just a piece of randomly shaped cloth.

close up of the top with the huge collars and buttons (oh yeah... one of the buttons is different. spot it. don't know which one? well you're not supposed to! hee hee!)


the front

the back

and yes eventhough so little of the white layer showed up... i did a whole skirt lining for it on the inside

now i just need my wig and the walking stick to complete the set!

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