Monday, January 03, 2011

2010 has been the most epic year of my life!

eventhough i never thought i would have done them... so here's the list of people i'm thankful to...

1. mm, my wcs partner, for psychoing me to enter those crazy competitions. first it was just 'let's go korea!!!!' and then it became 'why not japan?!?!'. these were the times and events that totally changed the rest of my 2010 (and maybe 2011 as well?) we've had our fair share of quarrels and abuse (ok, fine, i was the one who was doing that) but i'm really still glad that everything happened.

2. tkh and steph, the organisers. well, without them, none of these crazy stuff would have happened right??? even though i felt i had been really disappointing... i still want to thank them for giving us a chance to step onto the world stage. for bringing us to korea and japan, and for opening our worlds to other... worlds 8D. i have also received much valuable advice and learnings from tkh throughout that i will remember for life.

3. 000. if not for the epic waterproof versatile flexible knockproof PIZAZZ PHWOARRR LED armour (and MS's backflip!!) i fell in love with in korea... i pretty much doubt i'd have continued what i was doing. (i was seriously going to give up after korea, blah) for the performance invitation, and for creating all the lovely memories i could keep for life *_* for bringing me to lotte world, because i love theme park so much... because my idol realised all the dreams i've never thought of i felt i could die in peace already anyday.

4. my mom. for rubbing aloe vera gel for me everyday, preparing lunchboxes, breakfast and dinner so i wouldn't starve. for buying so many health supplements - what fish oil, fitline, blah blah... i'm really overnourished...! for telling me to go get a bf and stop camping at home because you were worried. and telling me about all the potential guys at your workplace that's really NOT potential at all... aiyoh! i'd snap and get irritated by the constant naggings because i couldn't much stand it, but i don't mean it. there is really no one like family, and no one who loves me more than you do. and i want to let you know, that i love you too. thank you mom <3

5. some others who died from listening to my constant gushings and meaningless complaints, or just idle talk - if you are reading this (which i can say with 100% conviction that they don't), here's the list:

#1. good luck with her since she's coming feb! fellow libran... ><
#2. hopping spastic rabbit... DX bishhhh!
#3. lao ban niang... thousand dollar notes for ban luck?!?! crazy... and i'm still apologetic towards you TT
#4. for loving singapore so much! i'll love you so much if i'm a guy...
#5. first day when we came back, i can't believe we skyped the whole day. and.. ice cream *_*
#6. so did you bring your vending machine with you??? strong stomach sia... and i'll see you next june in japan! 8D
#7. for remembering to bring back joongi's poster, and always randomly cheering me up. (",)
#8. for all the mag coverage... and many, many party shots. for treating me like a friend. i hope i won't let you down...!

and so, if you made it to this list... here's my new year resolution: Do not let loyalty and faithfulness forsake you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.

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