Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I think this is going to be a super busy year for me. x_x

It's 5.44 now and I just went through a day of endless meetings, status updates, calls and stuff and I've finally found a short breathing space for myself at this time (even though I'm still not done with my stuff yet - are they actually trying to force me to work harder ughh). The things seem to stack up at exponential rate when #1 is around TT

I'm getting so lazy nowadays - my sewing machine is being fixed in Malaysia, so no sewing will be done this week. Am too lazy to work on props, and I wasted my whole Sunday watching this Jap drama called 百鬼夜行抄. I didn't even finish it and I went on to watch some other random videos and read online manga. So much for never going online or using PC after 6 and on weekends... now I'm regretting spending my Sunday that way because I feel so sleepy now and my eyes are hurting from UV infestation. ughh... And of course, I'd switch on skype just to look at a certain green lighted name.

Random scary things I discovered. I went shopping with my mom and sis at Jurong Point on Christmas and I realised I totally lost interest in shopping. I didn't even want to look at the clothes, felt that it was a total waste of time. Come to think of it, when was the last time I bought new clothes? Hmm... I even wanted to go home early - which I did - and in the end I was stupidly stuck below my deck for 3 hours because I forgot to take my keys with me and no one was home. Worst Christmas ever. TT I think I might have even lost interest in all the special occasions. Perhaps staying home is the best way to celebrate them. There seems to be no point in squeezing with the overpopulated areas (worst still, by myself).

555pm on 110111. Time to get back to work.

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