Monday, January 17, 2011

It's not that i don't feel good staying home for 2 consecutive MCs... it's more of because it's 2 sick leave in a row that i feel bad TT

i spent the worst day of my life yesterday coiling in pain and rolling around, while vomiting and diarrhea-ing at the same time for about 3+ hours until i braced myself to walk downstairs and see the doctor. then i received a jab in my butt (oww...) and went back to continue diarrhea-ing and vomiting for another 2 more times before it died down a bit around 6pm.

still having occasional achings, but at least it isn't as bad as yesterday. remind me to never eat steamboat again... or rather if i have to, i won't be doing all the cooking. i think it's cos of the half-cooked food and the rainy ingredients that caused my food poisoning. and i finally realised what is 上呕下泻. not very fun. i guess the only positive thing is my tummy is now flat. HAHA.

and thank goodness it's not as serious as what azel went through, i could still recuperate at home! i'm hungry now but i don't dare to eat the bread+egg+cheese my mom prepared. the doc says i shouldn't eat dairy products... and that's 3 dairy products packed into 1. gahhhh.

oh yes and i changed my blogskin last week. heehee. now it's all bright and not too black... hopefully better (",)

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