Thursday, January 06, 2011

I can't believe it, is this gonna be a year for me to ramp up on politics?!
Politics in cosplay, politics at work. oh my. I guess it is the reality now.

I can keep mum for one, but i can't for two. I once thought i was someone immune to all these, but now i'm getting dragged into all the shitstorm. now, how do i wring myself out of all these? i wish i can just dig a hole and hide forever.

on another topic. i'm really upset with myself. i hate how i'm pushing myself so hard, and you probably don't even give a damn. or you don't know. i want to give up, but i don't really want to disappoint :(

please find me a place to hide.
당신은왜제옆에업습니다까... 어려워요...

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