Wednesday, February 02, 2011

acks! it's not because i haven't been doing anything! i have been doing something! just that i was too lazy to upload the stuff to post... x_x

well anyway, happy lunar new year to whoever is reading this!

my new year got off to a good start with mushroom pot. enjoyed it much, and even received a lee jun ki photo book which i was totally going crazy over. *fangirls* THANK YOU DATA!!!

was also much happy to join the petshop gang!! i can't wait to get started on mellow already!!! my hime is leaving for sydney to further studies, but i'll see her again end of the year T__T it was such a short period knowing you guys, but i like you all much *w*

and then there was the hysterical お母さん joke that maria, jackie, data and me were going bonkers over while waiting for the taxi to take us home. (never wait for a taxi there, it doesn't seem to come =.=) 世上只有妈妈好, dumplings and whatnots. i have been educated much 8D

and of course, thank you shinji for organizing all of these!! i really appreciate it. i'm sorry i didn't get the super junior lightstick joke. bleahs. i'm so slow zzzz

and shoko's back!!! hopefully i'll get to meet her soon. she's gonna start work tomorrow - no rest in between, wow. need to wish her to 頑張って more because of all the horror stories i've been told. may the cafe be better than before, so i can have at least one safe meal there...

it's a half day today (30mins more to go before i knock off) before i go home and start to prepare to go malaysia. it's gonna be another loooooong boring visit with the same old questions... but let's just get it over and done with soon eh? x_x

till then, may everyone be blessed with a hippity hoppity harey new wabbit year!!

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