Friday, September 04, 2015

150904 Comex - Nam So Yu

the event started quite late (around 3pm), which was awesome because we all slept so late (like 4-5am) repairing stuff and chatting.

woke up around 10+ to prepare and only had just my make up on.

but pion was already all ready. wahhh.

our car service came and sent us over to the event area. day 1 begins!

here's me as nam soyu with myeong seon as yasuo and ark as deathstroke.

took some nice pics of them here too

i got my accessories all in the wrong place. don't mind me. =_=

denise came so super late...

and she couldn't decide if she wanted to use a wig or not =_=

went for level 4 first with wig and level 6 without wig in the end.

here's pion in her VI and mr kong as jayce (taken by jon)~

me and denise as the first segment from blade and soul~

and the whole team on stage

dinner was at carl's junior since the picky one didn't want to eat singapore food. zzz

the team didn't think they did well that day so they worked hard at night to upgrade all their things and practised more. hopefully tomorrow will be better...!

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