Monday, September 07, 2015

150907 USS

yeah... these guys really wanted to go USS. so there we go.
used uber for the first time for traveling since 5 of us won't get in a normal cab. not bad!

had kaya toast breakfast near our place.

we're here~~

and first stop for USS.. transformers...

yep, that's like a 1.5hrs queue T_T
so time for selfies.

this picture is so funny lol

took with optimus outside... cosplayers will always be cosplayers. haha! love this pic!

went for mummy too

and everyone loved the water show~ we sat on the front rows to get wet. it wasn't so bad though!

took lunch and everyone was so sleepy... caught sleeping!

ice cream afterwards

caught a raptor trying to jump at people too... the mechanics of it are so real

and then it was time to have final dinner with all the comex people.

short dinner and it was time to go TwT

had to drop myeongseon at another terminal as he was on a different flight. so it's just us left.

goodbye my sarang~

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