Sunday, September 06, 2015

150905-06 Comex - Arisha

because we did the same cos for both days i can't really differentiate the pictures i took for sat vs the one for sun but here it goes~

here's our team members~

batman joined us on sat though! wheee

some of our full team stage pics grabbed off FB and stuff

unfortunately pion had to end later than everyone cos the organisers decided she'll look awesome in the fashion show. photo with her while waiting...

and the show~

ark was so tired he wrapped bubble wrap over his eyes to sleep =_=

my lens broke inside my eye and i was almost crying for an hour. PAINFUL!

thank goodness vincent, jes and denise helped take the piece out and bought eyedrops for me if not i would have probably gone blind x_x never will use acuvue 1 day color lens again, it always gives me so much trouble...

when it ended at 7+ we went over to have dinner at astons. here's us in the van

and we're here~

the next day we came a little earlier

finally the last day of our show~~ shall not repeat the pictures since they are more or less the same. but some groupies with our helpers here

and a few more group shots by jonathan~

when we got off stage we were swarmed too...
thanks for the love...!

me and denise~

super like this team photo jon took

me, vincent and denise also had a very quick photoshoot with nik at the carpark wheehee
nik was like teaching me how to pose and jes took some awesome pics as well. the colors are so nice! straight from the cam.

here's a preview of a shot so that i don't give away too much...!

after pion's fashion walk there was also a night photoshoot with shiro at about 8pm for pion too. super long day for her...

while waiting, the guys had a fun time cleaning up the event area with their self-brought broomstick...

also took some awesome pictures with jonathan, love all of them~ this portable studio of jon is too awesome...

colosseum gave us lots of goodies too~

skipping right to our xin wang team dinner.

a big fat thank you to all who came, the photos who helped take lots of awesome photos, and to all the awesome cosplayers too!!

and finally the event is over~~ thank you all once again~!!

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