Monday, May 02, 2016

160502 VI Photoshoot Part 2

so after reviewing the photos the previous night... jinsu pointed out that my wig seemed to be worn the wrong way. HOLY CRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP ALL THE FIRST DAY PHOTO NOW CAN'T BE USED.
i feel sorry towards giro T_T he took some really nice pictures too.
i wanna cry.
i guess it was a good thing we had a 2 day shoot for this if not i would not have any usable photo at all. yeah, like, AT ALL.


anyway, woke up at 830am to prep. namchin said that he needed to fix a lot of stuff but we ended up sleeping away till the sun hits our butt. and anyway, he didn't even need to fix it last night. the time we took for the WIP photo (make-up, prep photoshoot) took so long that he could do his stuff during this period of time. we only really started preparing at 10 anyway because i wanted to have breakfast so he cooked the jajang buldak mee for me. wheehee. ramyeon in the morning isn't too bad. we chatted with his mom and sis for a bit before heading down to the office.

sodam was still sleeping, seems she's been up all night gaming O_O|||

in the end, we ended up finishing our prep around 1pm. sighs. i think i'm faster with VI make up this time. oooh i look like a mix here. HAHAHAH. okays. wheee~~~

i don't understand why the guys only started to load the things when we're done with make up. they could have just done it while we're doing it. these people really have no sense of time and organisation...

so while waiting for them to load the stuff.. lots of time for me to game and selfie again. i got my wig direction right this time OKKKK

and we reached the place at 2+.. ///cries. and while waiting for the stuff to unload, more selfies???

and it was a 2-3hrs shoot this time. ended pretty fast actually so much so that i had time to take more selfies and videos of the place. look at this place!
hohoh and sodam and the guys are still shooting

look at our set up....

i don't even know what thye are doing anymore

like this is definitely not in the script.

poor sodam was waiting patiently so i went to selfie with her. she's so cuteeee.

and final video before i remove all my make up!!!!!!!!
good bye VIIIIIIII

what a joke. just after i removed everything mr kong tells me that they forgot to take the cinemagraph.


but anyway... we still packed, left the place and ordered delivery back in yong in.
and........ i started to prepare for the 3rd time for VI, again. T________________T
this time i finished everything in less than an hour. record!

very sad VI...

*in character* oh btw there's my VI photo behind do you see it?

and we headed to this underground dump behind the office to shoot. thank goodness there's such a place near home T_T

here's ark demonstrating my video part. hehe. poor guy bathed and had to help out here, got tangled in all the spider webs and sand and had to bathe again after the shoot.

and finally end of shoot after an hour!!!
nope, i don't know who this guy is.

okay, maybe i do.

our photog lumen had a nice bath after the shoot as well while i changed out. i was craving pudding so we all took a cab to yongin to visit all the convenience shop to find my petitzel pudding. 8D

and it started raining. gawwwwd.
but the thing is, lumen had already bathed.... so the moral of the story is always... don't bathe too early...

anyway we stopped by this pub near the interchange and had some snacks, and discovered a really nice cherry blossom soju drink!!!! the color is pretty too!

we only went back home arond 2am??? oh, and we videod bangryung massaging the blankets. so cute!!
but we also discovered that one of the cats, kaka seemed to have gone missing, so namchin went to search for him in the rain!!!

but it turns out that he was hiding on one of the closet all along, and just didn't respond when 00 called. namchin was so angry he scolded all the kitties and kaka looked like he was about to cry and quickly ran to hide in their own room. poor thing...

with all the hoohah... we only managed to sleep at 330am. and we are supposed to get up at 430am... gosh......................................... my final night sighs.

ending with a VI compilation here anyway~ (right, i know i selfie too much but the make up seemed to be on spot today!)

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