Sunday, May 01, 2016

160501 Yongin Sushi and Myeongdong

so after we woke up... we headed for brunch at this sushi place.
for about 15,000 per person... we had like 4 rounds of meal here!!! the pictures below is for a 3person portion btw

ughh they serve that larvae there.
and the last round was the spicy soup and roe rice.. already bursting at this point though

went back to the office, rested for a while and we eventually got out at 4+ to go myeongdong. stopped at my favourite jongno shop to finish spending all my cash on clothes. hurhur. we then moved to myeongdong after that. passed by o lens and bought the brighter purple for 35k won. yay.

unfortunately it seems that my homi-bing is gone! bought some cosmetics and window-shopped a bit but it was already 9+. rested at a bubble tea shop before heading to dinner at 10pm. the thing is, it was already too late and our last bus leaves at 11. so we just went to a random dumpling soup to have mandus.

bleah it was probably one of the worst food i've eaten. am really not a fan of mandus, though namchin is crazy about them. We didn't manage to finish 40% of the mandus on the right.

left the shop around 1040 and waited almost 20mins for the bus to come. it's a good thing there's public wifi cos time passed really fast when you're ally enhancing on dragon blaze. hahah!

oh, and i realised my card didn't have enough money. we dug around for like half an hour before coming up with some coins to pay the fare... oops.

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