Tuesday, May 03, 2016

160503 Last day

quickly prepared and got out of house at 5am to take the first bus out to the aiport.
we had a goood long sleep on the way there because we hadn't slept much. but my stomach was acting up and i kept needing to go to the toilet.

the queue to check in was too long so we decided to eat some stuff before joining the queue. after looking around, the omu rice place seemed pretty nice. i actually didn't have any appetite but we just ordered curry set to share anyway.

honestly, it's not worth the money at all. the meet was hard and so was the rice. the instant curry at namchin's house is way better (and cheaper). it's a good thing we only ordered one set.

anyway i realised we didn't have much photos together the more i go over to korea. so i always try to take one at the airport. here!

and we went to join the queue just an hour before departure. waited like 30mins before it was our turn and i was granted a fast pass to bypass the long queues of security. yay!!
got on plane with like 5mins to spare.

this time i was transiting twice... so i have 3 meals. yay! so here's the breakfast from kr to taiwan.

then the snack from taiwan to hongkong

i was like the very last person to check in and i entered via the biz class path way. but my attempt was unsuccessful. still, managed to sit on the first class seat for 5mins. HHAHA. jeez, why did you have to check me. just let me sit luh.

and finally chicken rice from hongkong to singapore. banana cream haagen daaz ice cream was given at the end. yay~

i only had like an hour of transit between each flight but it was enough for me to recharge my electronics and play a few rounds of dragon blaze. and i finally touched down at 7pm in singapore, just a little ahead of schedule. managed to finish watching Ant Man (where i left off when i was arriving) and Pride and Prejudice the zombie version. not bad! started on Shakespeare in love, hope there's not a kids around me looking at all the bed scenes...

flight is much smooth this time! happpppyyy whenever there's no delays, always.
but i'm back to reality again. haiz. sian.... and back to work the next day too. zzzzzzzzzzz.

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