Wednesday, May 11, 2016

160511 Kansai trip

it's namchin's birthday and we're travelling to osaka! whee~~!
more than a present for him it's like a present to me, since he hates travelling. i really wanted to go usj for the harry potter but he doesn't even know what harry potter is. O_O||
so anyway we booked this like 3months ago and i took off after i was done with work. had to take an overnight flight and wait 4-5hrs for my guy to show up =_= after i reached KIX at 8+am, he's just about to fly from korea. wahhhhhhhhhh.
i was trying to look for a place to charge and play my games while waiting and ended up at the second level where there's a few computers with USB ports. hurhur. unfortunately my adaptor wasn't compatible with japan so i had to resort to using USBs. thank goodness i have at least 3 with me. thankfully you don't need to pay to use the charging ports. it's a celeron pc btw... wonder who will pay to use this...

namchin arrived around 12 and we went to get 1 day osaka pass (at 1.5k yen) to travel to our hostel. normally, a trip from the airport to namba is about 1.1k, which is quite ridiculous so we just bought the pass. and i realised that i've forgotten 70% of my japanese. DAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE x.x

we rode the express train (about 40mins, with reserved seats) to namba, then transferred one station to Sakuragawa for our airbnb.

our place was a 10mins walk away from the station in a nice, quiet neighbourhood and in between 3 stations - Sakuragawa, Osaka-Dome and Daishou. very convenient! the place is pretty big for the 2 of us too, with 2 queen-sized beds and a kichenette. this is the link for the place: 

after unpacking and recharging and going a few rounds at dragon blaze, we decided to step out for lunch/dinner. when we stepped out we went the wrong way and ended up at osaka dome!

no worries, our free pass can be abused. we took the subway to namba next.

we just stepped into the first few okonomiyaki restaurants we saw cos we were just too hungry. ate takoyaki w truffle, yakisoba w mushroom and seafood okonomiyaki. the okonomiyaki was burnt at the bottom and not very nice, even though it was supposed to be the highlight.

thankfully we followed up with good cheese tarts at the famous pablo!! i bought the charcoal truffle cheese biscuits for my colleagues and it was really very nice.

after that we walked all the way to another part of namba and decided to take the train back to namba again for dinner. we were actually already very full but came across an ocha-tzuke restaurant, so we decided to order a set to try.

you can choose to eat it as it is or pour the soup/tea into the dish, or just squeeze lemon on top to eat. decided to pour the soup in.

it turned into a porridge like thing, and it was super nice! i've always disliked ochatzuke but i don't think it was tea we poured in, but a seafood-base soup. yummmmyyy

went home after that for more dragon blazeeeeee.

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