Monday, July 02, 2007

i managed to cut out the twirly patterns on the side of the helm and stuck it to the sides! it looks pretty good!

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then i realised my linings and stuff kept peeling off, and plus i used like 3 layers for everything so the top layer kept uncovering to reveal the unpainted layers underneath, so i had to keep glueing and glueing it, and glue gun SO TOTALLY DIDN'T work. don't buy the mini boston trigger thingy.
then i experimented with the plastic cover thing which i bought a roll at popular for $2.50 (spotlight having clearance at $2, so i've 2 rolls now which i doubt i'd use). it wasn't very sticky because it didn't stick properly (duh).

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eventually i removed it because although it looks pretty normal on camera, it's weird to have a waterproof plastic helm. and the removal process was pretty easy - it's like removing post-it notes, just that this post-it was a little stronger. i'm glad it didn't take away any paint or tear anything! i bought this huge chunk of crafty white glue from spotlight at $3.95. hmm hope it sticks well. no drastic effect but i'd go home and check if it's still peeling. it looks better without the plastic i think.

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