Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kuchiki Byakuya [Bleach]

i should celebrate my highest no. of repeated cos - byakuya, with a little review.

for whoever do not know him... DIE. here's my lovely byak-kun anyways.

he is cold-hearted but i really he has a soft spot, especially when it comes to rukia. but he doesn't really smile a lot. whoops.

1) byakuya v1 (2005)
event: streetfest
place: orchard

-no make up (drooping eyebrows, au natural face)
-hand-sewn outfit, no seams, flailing threads
-scarf made out of tattered tshirts (tucked patterns inside to cheat)
-crayon drawn '6' symbol and rim patterns
-only 1 gloves, and a chui one.

the first time i did byakuya was at orchard during a streetfest in 2005 i believe. seriously it wasn't very good because i hand sew the whole outfit (so no seams, and flailing threads), and my scarf was made of connecting tshirts (tried to hide the prints inside). amazingly though, the scarf actually looks pretty real eventhough the idea was chui. i had no idea about make up at that time. it was also my 2nd cosplay after i did rinoa. so you see my face is au natural with drooping eyebrows, and even the captain cloak's no. 6 and the 01 patterns at the rims were drawn with cloth crayons (which washed out after i sent it to the machine).

but i still manage to get a pretty nice picture with the winner of the competition, saber

2) byakuya v2 (2008)
event: AFA
place: suntec convention

-used frank's sword, hilt was wrong
-white layer of sleeves, inside should have been white, sleeves should be double-layered
-eyebrow seems too long
-gloves broke halfway (just one of them though)
-hair was a bit wrong... and brown gahhh
-trousers very long, covered my sandals

-fixed the entire outfit by machine sew, so it had seams and stuff
-scarf was made anew
-had make up now!
-2 gloves on both hands :D
-stitched on the '6' symbol and patterns. no smudges now!

i think this appeared so much better than the first! but my 3 streaks of hair in front were a little thin.

3) byakuya v3 (2009)
event: photoshoot
place: chinese garden

-hair! hair! hair!
-sometimes, my sword
-make up. need more eyeliner

-the 3 streaks of hair in front no longer so thin... in fact i think it's pretty accurate. maybe a bit short?
-did an inner white sleeve
-repainted my sword. brought 2 swords there in case
-shortened my trousers, can walk without tripping now
-more accurate eyebrow.. i think

you'd have thought i'd have no errors now but with photoshopping, it might appear so! used my own hair so i had brown and silver streaks at random places, the back view pictures highlighted my brown hair especially since the cloak was white. however, the front view was all pretty ok, especially if they aren't close ups. overall, it was still a pretty good experience. here's my favourite photo. oh yeah, i combined the 2 swords together. pretty neat eh. xp OH, and my face seems to get rounder by the year. sucks.


i still wish i had some sakuras flying around for my chire shots though. oh well.
here's our groups photo thread if anyone's interested:

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