Sunday, April 12, 2009

spent my good friday pondering over whether i should fix my byakuya for the shoot the next day. so i spray painted a metallic silver for my old bokken and fixed the ribbons on top... sort of. i didn't really know how to tie it. and the tsuba pattern was chipped, so i had to replace it with a cut out board fit to it, and spray paint over. ended up spray painting my kitchen floor and the washing machine as well because when the spray paint is about to be used up, it apparently will go into a frenzy and spray in the weirdest directions.

so warning there, spread like a whole lot of newspapers if you're trying to use an almost-used up spray paint. varnish remover might help clear the stains... but not by much.

and at about 1030pm, i decided to cut some white cloth (left over from kyoko's dress) and create a fake white inner for my byakuya. wahhaha. finished about 1115-1130ish.

was worth it!

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