Tuesday, October 22, 2013

131021 – 22 Batam

We woke up early to catch the ferry to Batam at Harbourfront. Batam usually has those $38 deals so I bought the ones at Hotel Mercure. For the price (excluding a $28 port tax and tour guide fee), you get a bus guide, ferry tickets, 1 night at a pretty good hotel, breakfast buffet, seafood lunch and massage. Not too bad, considering the prices of hotel in SG is over $80 for just a night, and the room is always so small…

we bought couple shirts from Onepiece at Uniqlo!

Went to the usual choco factory, kueh lapis place and local Batam goods which 00 wasn’t very interested in except the white chocolate. Ended up buying a bag of it and eating it for the next few days.

There was a temple trip included too so we dropped by that as well. Not too bad, there were interesting statues.

00 kept saying the middle one is Dman. Lol.

The seafood lunch wasn’t very appealing to 00 as well T_T I guess it’s because it was shared with another 6 person and doesn’t look very hygienic/tasty.

We visited the mini town that I couldn’t go last time with Yvonne cos of the rain so we had a visit this time. The houses were actually rather poorly built and the animal statues were also not very well made.

We had massage/shopping after that. Massage was done in a couple’s room… never knew there was such a thing. Massage was pretty good as usual! The area around it had shopping centres so we went to explore those as well. I got 2 pairs of contact lens, at less than $8 each. Cheap! We also had our dinner there at Breeks. What a bad choice, I never knew the food was this bad. We learnt that you should always ALWAYS choose a restaurant that has guests (or is packed). Breeks, though the menu looked good, had no guests at all! We had cream spaghetti and baked potatoes and both were horrible. The cream spaghetti almost tasted like water and the cheese on the potato… don’t even know if that’s cheese at all! We were afraid of getting tummyaches so we didn’t finish everything. The oreo smoothie was terrible too. It was just milk + oreo pieces, and very diluted.

Despite the horrific dinner, the day ended with the awesome hotel~! 

Though I think the last hotel I was at, Harmoni, was much better. Still, compared to the small hotels in Singapore, this was good enough. I had to take a call for one of my project, which happens to be an Indonesia-based one. Our toilet couldn't flush properly and we had to call the repairman. zzz.

Our breakfast the next morning also made up for all the bad food we had. Well, I guess nothing can go wrong when there’s bread and cereal?? Heh.

Back in SG, we went over the MBS and Orchard duty free shops to try to find the liquor for my dad. Didn't manage to get anything though.

We checked into Hotel Victoria at Bugis, which I realised is part of the Santa Grand chain. Not too bad. Had dinner at a chinese restaurant near the area. it was already 10+ so we ate it in a hurry and it was served really quickly. Still nice and cheap though!

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