Wednesday, October 30, 2013

131029 – 30 Melaka @ Hotel Equatorial

Melaka may be the best thing for the entire trip for 00, starting with the hotel! 

I bought the deal off Alldeals again, at about $98 per person with bus and hotel included. It was for an executive suite and we were totally given business class treatment! The room is like an apartment, with living room and 2 toilets. AWESOME.

Before we enjoy the hotel, we had to get out for some Melaka tour. There was a shopping centre just next to the hotel so we checked that one out. Had a very good lunch at a place that looks like a pub, and we were just in time for their 40% discount. Glorious good!

Didn’t know our way around, so we boarded one of those fancy looking trishaws and got taken around the city. 

Turns out it was actually all within walking distance (even the historic Melaka site is just next to the hotel =_=) but the ride was pretty fun anyway. 

The driver seems pretty tired cycling us around though, whoops.

Then stopped at the Charlie Baba house for some Melaka goodies, as my sis recommended. It was quite a distance away. 00 wasn’t interested in all the kuehs, so I had to eat them alone. And it seems that it couldn’t be kept  long too (it spoilt the next day, boohoo).

Our driver dropped us at Chinatown, and here’s a memorial pic he helped take with his fancy trishaw. Heh.

The glaring heat made it uncomfortable to walk the streets, but we bore it anyway. 

Stopped at a cute café managed by an elderly couple, and drank the yam coconut bikini shakes. Not sure why 00 didn’t want to eat anything there, but the café looks about the cleanest thing around. It’s just no fun when you have to eat/drink everything by yourself…

Some more sightseeing before we went back to the hotel. this was some cannon fortress remains.

And we got a nice surprise!

Ate our little surprise by the moonlight and city scenes. Mmmmmmmmmmm….

And breakfast was awesome, the next day, as usual. We rested till it was time to check out and was super sad to leave T_____________T

Since there’s still time before the bus comes to pick us up, we went to the nearby shopping malls to have lunch and walk around. Ended up eating Papa Johns pizza, and it was one of the pizzas that tasted bad to me… it was waaaay too salty..!!! eeks. And 00 was convinced Papa John is gay because of his name. Don’t ask me why. And the restaurant was overstaffed with people who can't calculate the discounts for nuts. jeez.

We found a Toys’R’Us there and upheld the cosplay spirit too.

Then it was time to leave. Boohoo goodbye Melaka…!!

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