Thursday, October 31, 2013

131030-31 Hotel RE

Back at Singapore, we checked in at Hotel RE at Outram Park, a very interesting and colorful boutique hotel.

We had single beds with pink background for the first night and double bed with yellow background as they kindly changed for us.

there was also free snacks and drinks on the first day of your stay. but because we changed rooms, we got to enjoy it twice... haha!

we had dinner at a nearby cafe, after searching around and there was not much restaurants in sight. the downside of the hotel is you need to climb a mini hill to reach it =_= though there was shuttle bus to take you to Outram MRT, it only took you down, and not up, and service ends around 8pm (i think).

unfortunately, the night at the cafe, i lost my wallet and had to make a report at the police box. i must have either left it at the cafe, or while fooling around it fell out of my jacket T_T

thankfully, around 2am, the police actually called and said they retrieved it!! but when i tried to collect it, it was already moved to the police box at geylang =_= and they took a few days to call back to confirm that it was moved, so that i can collect it. by then i had already cancelled all my cards though. losing one's wallet is the worst nightmare ever...

the next day, we walked around chinatown to eat but crayfish wasn't opened T_T the bad thing was 00 was having problems with his credit card cos it was maxed out, and since i couldn't get my wallet back, we were both basically moving around without any $$. OMG. good thing is you can quickly make a card at a local DBS, and i could get a new card and withdraw money out. phew...!!!!

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