Saturday, March 01, 2014

140301 Day 3 Sis Wedding

auspicious day! see the date 01-03-14, 一生一世 - it means forever in chinese.
i got up slightly later since i wasn't one of the bridesmaid as my horoscope clashes with my jiefu's. T_T
it's ok, still can prepare all the 'poison'

don't have all the gatecrash videos but i like the dance at the end. hoho. the men needed to wear all the tutus i sold for a korean dance hohoho.

i also made all the flower bands for the bridesmaids to wear.

with my lovely sister~

after sending my sister off for her tea ceremony at her husband's place, the rest of us only followed up a little after 10am and had mac breakfast before moving to the hotel.

some picture spamming at the hotel~! i did my hair myself at home~ looking more decent than the morning one. lol.

then i got changed into my dress for the noon. with my pretty mom!! and handsome darling.

my mom and sis in her tea ceremony clothes

look, my new family pic!! heheh.

and more (actual) family pictures with my bro and sis and our other halves. and the little one also!

time to proceed to the wedding vow exchange after all the photos.

and then the lunch begins~!

some photos taken during the rounds. with my sis primary school classmates. actually i'm wondering where's my family pictures. =_=

after the whole ceremony, we explored the hotel a bit and took some photos at the middle area before we left the newly weds for the rest of the day.

some photos of the gorgeous hotel Park Royal when i last came here during one of the tasting session.

and the insides

went home to sleep for the rest of the day..

there was a very terrible quarrel that happened that day. 00 is so dumb sometimes. :((( but of course, i used woman's most powerful weapon. not that i wanted to. sighs.

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