Monday, March 03, 2014

140303 Day 5 Grand Jade Hotel

i completed forgot what i was doing the previous day. it seems that i didn't much do anything on Day 4 and i got mysteriously transported to Day 5.

i think we probably got too lazy to get out and spent our day walking around woodlands and vista point that day.

but anyway we went early to the safari and ate b&j ice cream there. had this brownie thing but it was crazy sweet and not a lot of ice cream. complete waste of money.
then we were told the water ride is on maintenance!! gosh. what's the chances. so unlucky.

i took this pic anyway as there was a peacock we saw walking on the roof if you can see it. lol.

miserable, we went back home and pack to go malaysia instead. we stayed at grand jade hotel that's very near city square.
the place looks suitably classy and the rooms big enough.

they even gave free refreshments! will definitely come back again if i need to stay near ciy square. it was also not very expensive, probaly less than 50sgd /night. cleaner/cheaper/more convenient than grand bluewave too.

we had dinner at city square and watched a movie there before retiring for the day.

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